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How to make it as a streamer in 2k19!

Trying to grow your stream is hard. PERIOD. It's a constant grind that you have to be willing to put in the hours to. Growing your stream be broken down into 3 categories (Discord, Twitter, Twitch) which will need to be further broken down but will get to that later. All of these categories are equally important. So you want to take your stream from 3-5 viewers to 50+? Here's how...

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Why Streaming and Negativity Do not Mix

Streaming is hard enough, you are putting yourself out there. That camera is on you and it becomes a place for people watchers, supporters, fans, new viewers to come in and show you support either because they like your content, the game your playing, or they just like watching. Adding negativity to streaming can have devastating affects and long lasting affects on an individual. We should all remember that we are HUMAN, and we DO FEEL things.

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The Elgato Stream Deck: The missing component of your streaming setup!

Staying on top of your game and keeping up with chat is hard, not to mention keeping your stream entertaining and engaging. The ability to quickly react to users in chat with content, sounds, transitions and scene changes is a critical aspect to any stream. Fumbling about trying to toggle the right transition or switch to the right scene while playing a game is just painful. The Elgato Stream Deck comes to your aid in massive way, it's a tool every streamer needs to have specially considering its pro-grade equipment at a bargain price.

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