Why Streaming and Negativity Do not Mix

Why Streaming and Negativity do not Mix

Streaming is hard enough, you are putting yourself out there. That camera is on you and it becomes a place for people watchers, supporters, fans, new viewers to come in and show you support either because they like your content, the game your playing, or they just like watching. Adding negativity to streaming can have devastating affects and long lasting affects on an individual. We should all remember that we are HUMAN, and we DO FEEL things.

The whole platform is centered around you. You are measured by succeeding or failing based solely on if people watch you, so adding negativity into the mix is just not a good idea. Whether the negativity comes from chat from viewers, the streamer themselves or other social media platforms used to promote or maintain that streamers growth and brand awareness. Almost always will in most cases bring drops in views, follows and monetary gains. The result is if you have people spreading negativity in chat of a streamer, in turn it hurts that streamer and that person spreading the negativity themselves if they stream or bounce around on social media.

When we are faced with negativity in chat, how should we react or respond? A lot of streamers just delete the comment and move on, in some cases this may not be the best option. What are some ways we can avoid doing the wrong thing, when faced with negativity? Your one answer can impact the success you have on building your community or brand!

Here are a few things we can do:

  • Acknowledge the chat but be stern in your beliefs
  • Ask them politely stop talking about a bad topic
  • Try to ask them to stop trolling and treat them as if they were already your fan! MAKE THEM YOUR FAN!
  • Positive Mental Attitude, don't get sucked into there hole of negativity
  • Add a soft-ban (timeout) and explain why to try and turn them around
  • When all else fails and they continue. BAN THEM.

Negativity can also come from streamers themselves. In most cases a reaction to something someone said in chat or that happened in real life, and these problems or issues may block a streamer from having a positive mental attitude towards there stream, chat, and community.

What about having a bad day?

If you are having a bad day, don't send out a tweet lashing out or acting childish. Look to engage in positive chats, and uplifting chats. Its very easy to continue down the rabbit hole of negativity. That is why streamers MUST endure and actively seek a positive mental stability. Many streamers suffer from mental health issues so the negativity can have lasting effects on a streamer.


Twitter is an amazing tool for growth, and we see so many streamers using it to promote there brand. A simple screen shot or clip of something said can be turned against you in a matter of seconds. Not only will it be miss interpreted by many but it can have a lasting affect on your growth and community. Try your hardest to steer away from liking or re-tweeting negative posts as well, although we may agree with the reason its never a good thing to side with negativity. Some streamers even post about other streamers and not only is this LOW and demoralizing, it can take a turn for the worst and guide that streamer into quitting. This hurts the community as a whole. Keep a positive mental attitude on twitter.

Unhealthy chats, tweets, clips, and social sharing become an Unhealthy environment for Streamers to improve and it does effect them. Everyone is human, remember that.