Doom Eternal - Release Date and Sneak Peak!

I remember the days of the old Doom and Duke Nukem being such bad ass games!! But this just takes it to an entirely different level.

Doom Eternal is the newest installment of the hit first-person shooter series and it's packing some serious heat. Doom Eternal is the sequel to the 2016 reboot and is everything we loved about its predecessor but with some graphics upgrades, and some other tweaks including new epic demons to turn into gruesome meaty chunks!

Game Play

You once again take on the role of the Doom Slayer, an ancient warrior who battles the demonic forces of Hell from a first-person perspective. The game continues its predecessor's emphasis on "push-forward" combat, encouraging the player to aggressively engage enemies in order to acquire health and ammo and progress further in the world.


The ballista is a new weapon to the Doom series. It launches kinetic projectiles with results similar to those of a rail gun, and can be charged to fire an explosive bolt which tears apart enemies. It is currently presumed to replace the previous game's Gauss cannon given its similar mechanics. The ability to charge up a more powerful shot which seems from game play to deal an incredible amount of damage.

The chainsaw returns, with much of its functions and appearance based on its previous counterpart from Doom (2016). It remains a limited-use "power weapon" which is capable of killing even powerful demons quickly. The weapon has requires quite a bit of fuel so keep it for situations where you need to take down the bigger demons. Kills made with the chainsaw reward the player with ammo drops which is a nice bonus.

The combat shotgun returns, with properties similar to that of the previous Doom (2016). Besides ordinary single-shell fire, the weapon has an explosive shot mod, with explosive gel that sticks to a demon before exploding. You'll need to reload when after three shots. There is a indication on the crosshair to let you know when you'll need to reload. The weapon adds a new automatic firing mode where the weapon behaves like a gatling gun, rotating between three barrels which does significant damage but also dumps a ton of ammo quickly.

The heavy cannon is a multi-purpose semi-automatic rifle. It seems to have two firing modes, 3-round burst and single shot in a scoped, sniper rifle style which seems to fire a hire caliber. It is presently presumed to replace the previous game's heavy assault rifle, as it fulfills most of the same roles.

The plasma rifle returns as a weapon in Doom Eternal. The profile of the original plasma gun has been adopted almost directly in preference to the prior game's cleaner, more futuristic design. Also unlike the latter weapon, the new plasma rifle is not powered by the Argent plasma, and instead is fed with ordinary plasma matter. It still seems to function identically, however, firing small bright blue compact orbs of plasma at a rapid rate. It is presently unknown what if any upgrades or enhancements might be available for the weapon in this iteration.

The rocket launcher returns as a weapon in Doom Eternal. While it seems to have the same mechanics as its version in the previous game, it features an all-new appearance. It also looks like it will pack more punch in this iteration than before. Which is nice, considering its a freaking rocket launcher which you would expect to do greater damage.

The super shotgun returns as a weapon in Doom Eternal, with a design mostly the same as its Doom (2016) predecessor. One detail in which it differs is an underslung grappling hook launcher known as the meat hook, the Doom Slayer can fire the meat hook into demons to traverse through the environment more swiftly and to easily move closer to demons to deal maximum damage with the shotgun itself.

It's about killing badass demons with big guns in unbelievable places in a pure, unfiltered, action FPS experience!

What makes it different?

Creative director Hugo Martin has stated there will be twice as many types of demons than seen in the 2016 reboot. There are new types of enemies, such as the Marauder and Doom Hunter, while others, such as the Pain Elemental, Arachnotron, and Archvile, will be reintroduced from previous Doom entries. A new system called "Destructible Demons" is featured, in which the body of enemies' progressively deteriorate in combat as they suffer damage.


There will be several forms of multiplayer available. One of them will be invasion; where you’ll be able to take control of a demon and invade other players’ games, lending some extra spice to the war between Earth and Hell. Doom Eternal will also include “internally developed PvP” multiplayer mode which will hopefully a lot better than the last game’s poorly-received online options. But that's about all the information given around multiplayer.