Anthem Release Date & Sneak Peak

EA is releasing a new action-packed third person shooter, the trailer was shown by the Developers BioWare at The Game Awards on December 6, 2018. The game is a Run, Shoot, Loot, RPG hybrid with an unique ability and skill system based on team cohesion. This is the most ambitious game for BioWare to date with out a doubt. Anthem will heavily focus on co-operative game play and combat strategies.


Javelins are the suits players or (freelancers) wear to traverse the world of Anthem. These exo-suits give them the ability to fly, change tactics in combat, and help travel across the world. Each Javelin comes with its own unique skill set and purpose.

Anthem is packed with combos, detonators, primers, and effects. These skills and combos can be used in devastating ways to crush your enemies and take down dungeons full of mobs. BioWare is taking Anthem to the next level by adding an extensive tactical planning and character customization like no other game has before.

New dimensions are added to the game with loot, skills, and strategies built by that player or team of Javelins. Not only does Anthem allow unique character customization and cooperative strategy based game play, but it will also strive on story and player based choices within that players world.These Players can build relations with non-playable characters inside the world of Anthem as well.

When entering Fort Tarsis, the main location stronghold of Anthem for all Javelins players can accept missions, and assignments to obtain new gear and start in game progression. This is also where all factions converge, including Corvus, Sentinels, Cyphers, and Arcanists.

Anthem has a plethora of loot-able items and gear to gather which allows players to become flexible and requires switching gear for different situations during combat. These weapons and gear can trigger status effects on enemies, and cause insane combos between players depending on the Javelin, the gear, and skills they choose. Players will also experience "Shaper Storms" which are world-altering land mass occurrences that help shape your story and combat.

Anthem is giving the players an extensively devastating arsenal of options to attack with and explore. BioWare is known for there player based skill combos and status effects, Anthem will not fall behind in that aspect.

What can we expect?

Anthem has been in development at BioWare since 2012. Ultimately aiming to be one of the TOP PVE-only co-op RPG Hybrid Shooters out there. Players will have a very in depth progression system, and continuous new content. Anthems focus is on build freedom and a live services framework for Javelin cosmetics and DLC which will fund the expanding and evolving world of Anthem.

Game Modes

Other game features include single-player and co-operative multiplayer in a "shared world" that allows parties of four team members to take down relentless beasts and savage marauders inside the ruins, dungeons, and other area's inside the world of Anthem.


BioWare has specifically stated the demo of the game will be ready to download on January 25, 2019 for pre-order customers, and February 1 for the general public who did not pre-order. As for Origin access premier subscribers, you are able to play a week before launch on PC starting February 15, 2019. Join the legion of Anthem.