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The Division 2 - Bigger threats, more ways to play!

Could the much anticipated sequel to The Division be a smash hit? So far it seems that could very well be the case. The moment-to-moment game play seems solid and familiar, but it will likely appeal to fans of The Division and won’t necessarily break out into wider audiences. Like the first game, The Division 2 is clearly designed with groups in mind. Playing with a coordinated team creates plenty of opportunities for tactical positioning and planning.

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Doom Eternal Release Date & Sneak Peak

Take me back to the days of old style Doom on windows 95 and your bound to have an awesome time. However Doom Eternal is the newest installment in the hit first-person shooter series and its packing some serious heat. This sequel to the 2016 reboot is everything we loved about its predecessor with a graphics upgrade, and some few added tweaks, including a few new epic demons to turn into gruesome meaty chunks! Here's everything we know about the game thus far...

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Anthem Release Date & Sneak Peak

Anthem just looks freaking bad ass, just watch the pre-release trailer and see for yourself... It runs on the Frostbyte engine which we all know is a beast of a game engine, but can a gaming company that is used to developing single player RPG based gaming going to be able to pull off a open world FPS? I believe that is going to be the real question, however for the graphics alone this game is definitely worth checking out... Lets dive into the juicy details of what you can expect.

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